Friday, September 11, 2009

Dear Baby Boy, We got a lot done this week...

23 weeks

We had a fun weekend and a productive week!

Our friends Christine and David came so the boys could go to a weekend event for a friend. Christine and I had girl time while the boys went to their event--we stayed up late catching up, got pedicures, and she helped me with the decision I have just NOT been able to make...which baby bedding to choose! She and David picked up your crib and chest of drawers from Aunt Lori's; her friend David was kind enough to paint it for us. It looks wonderful! Little buddy, I pray you make good friends. That you surround yourself with people who make you laugh, let you cry, who you'd love to spend every minute with, but even if you don't, when you get together, it seems as if no time has passed it all.

After the boys' weekend event, we went to Binger to see your great grandmother Zanowiak and Aunt Donna and Cousin Zac. We had a nice swift visit. We talked a lot about you. They're all looking forward to meeting you.

Daddy and I assembled your crib that got painted this week; I love it! Aunt Lori, Uncle Bud, Momma, and Uncle Heath all used the crib; it's so special to me that you get to use it, too. I ordered some new hardware for your chest of drawers, and once that comes in, your furniture will be all ready (except for what Uncle Bud makes you). I left Mammaw's dresser painted ivory and black, and it looks so good with everything.
Today is September 11--8 years ago is when a horrible tragedy occurred here in the States. Someday you will read about in your history book. I was reading about some of the men and women who perished that day. In particular, I was reading about Todd Beamer, who died with the passengers on United Flight 93. He was 32, as was his wife. The January after he died, his wife gave birth to his third child. I just keep thinking about them. Daddy and I are the same age they were at the time, and she was at this exact stage of pregnancy when her husband died. I cannot imagine.

This is what you were up to this week:
You are continuing to gain weight, but the next several weeks will be when you really begin to fill out. Lanugo, or the fine hair that covers your body, may darken at this point allowing it to be seen on an ultrasound. You are beginning to look more like you will at birth.

You finally reached a weight of 1 pound and are approximately 11 ¼ inches long.

These were my prayers for you this week:
That you meet wonderful friends through each stage of your life. That Daddy and I always let you know how unconditionally you are loved. That your ureter measurements are perfectly normal this week.



  1. It looks wonderful!!!! Love you sis!!!

  2. I love the black crib with the bedding. The room is really coming together. Thanks for entertaining me over the Labor Day weekend; I am looking forward to some more girl time when we visit in October.