Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear Bo, On the day you were born...

On the day you were born...

Daddy and I woke up really early and couldn't sleep. It was a special time.

Mimi and I went shopping (it was Black Friday), and I bought you a Christmas present (a sock monkey jack in the box).

We had pizza for lunch.

We watched the A&M men play a basketball game.

Daddy worked on hooking up an antenna at the house, and it took forever.

On the day you were born...

Contractions started about 3pm, and we started timing them on the monitor the home health nurse left at the house. We timed them until about 5:30pm, then we all took showers and got our stuff together. I called Dr. Carrasco, and we went to the hospital about 6:30pm.

When we got to the hospital, our nurses were Dawn and Deidre, who were our nurses at a previous visit. They were wonderful.

Dr. Carrasco got to the hospital about 8pm and said I was far enough to do a c-section. We had decided against medications to stop labor because I had such a bad reaction to all of the previous ones. We then found out 2 c-sections were ahead of us so they gave me morphine until it was our turn. The morphine made me a little sick. Not too bad though compared to all of the other medications I had to take in weeks prior. The NICU nurse came in and told us there was a 100% chance you would have to go to NICU.

The nurses came to prep me about 10:30pm, and Daddy got geared up. They took me to the OR to administer the anesthesia, and I got sick beforehand. The administration of the spinal itself wasn't bad at all. Drs. Robert and Londa were there to do the c-section.

Daddy came in when I was all prepped. Once they started the procedure, it became apparent that the anesthesia wasn't working. I could only say "hurt" and "vice grips". I had a death grip on a metal pole. The doctor gave me meds to "make me see strawberry fields" and apologized to Daddy that I would be out of it. Boy, was I out of it. I would swear I was dead. I kept "floating" to different colored rooms and trying to come back to the light in the OR. I briefly remember a cry and Daddy in my face. The next thing I remember is waking up in recovery and saying, "baby". Deidre told me you were perfect and didn't even have to go to NICU! I thought my heart would explode! Daddy stayed with you and showed you to Mimi and Pop who were there waiting.
Daddy went with you to be measured, and they put you under an oxygen tent for awhile, but you were out in no time. We knew you were a fighter!
Daddy brought you to me for the first time. I will never forget that I immediately thought you were beautiful and fell in love with your crooked little mouth.
Then Daddy went and gave you your first bath.

I know that God is bigger than any medical data out there, but I have to admit that I was surprised and continue to be overwhelmed that you are here and that you are perfect and that you didn't spend a second in NICU even though you were only 34 weeks.

We don't deserve you, little buddy, but we are crazy in love with you. So glad you are here and healthy.

Bozeman ("Bo") Pawlo Zanowiak
11:54pm on November 27, 2009
5 pounds 11 ounces (they had the card in your bassinet wrong)
16.5 inches


Friday, November 27, 2009

Dear Bo, 34 weeks...

34 weeks

You made it...hurray!

We had a good weekend; we kept saying "this may be the last Saturday we sleep in", etc. I went to a movie with a girlfriend on Friday afternoon then Daddy and I went on a date Friday night...we had sushi and saw "Blind Side". Can't wait until I can eat raw sushi again!

We watched lots of football on Saturday and relaxed on Sunday. Tuesday we went to the doctor, and he predicted you would be here within 24! They gave me another round of steroids, and we're just waiting. Mimi and Pop came on Tuesday night in case you came, but, of course, you beat the odds and didn't! We watched football, put up our Christmas trees, had a good Thanksgiving with just the four of us, watched the Ags play two basketball games and one football game, and today Mimi and I went shopping (it's Black Friday).

Can't believe you will be here so soon, and I won't be pregnant anymore.

Thought I'd pen some of the things I'll miss about being pregnant:
  • Being comfortable in my own skin. It's been nice to not obsess about dieting all these weeks.
  • Being pampered by Daddy.
  • Feeling you turn and kick.
  • Reading to you.
  • Praying for you and who you will become.
  • Imagining who you will be and what you will look like.
But, of course, there are things I won't miss:
  • Foregoing really hot baths and getting in the hot tub.
  • Being big...everything is harder---I'm winded when I walk, getting in and out of the bath is difficult, putting on shoes is a chore...
  • Being tired.
  • Being uncomfortable and having trouble sleeping.
  • Heartburn.
  • Foregoing things I enjoy eating (sushi, etc.).
Love you, little buddy!

This is what you were up to this week:

Your body has begun to fill out with the formation of fat under your skin. This is an important part of development because these fat stores will help you regulate your body temperature once you're born.

The central nervous system is continuing to mature, and the lungs are well developed.

Most likely you are somewhere around 17 ½ inches long and weigh around 5 to 5 ½ pounds.

These were my prayers for you this week:

That we both handle your delivery well. That I don't get sick so I can hear your first cry, see you for the first time, etc. That you don't have to go to NICU, but if you do, it will be a short stay. That we have a long life together.

Love you and can't wait to meet you,

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dear Bo, You are really hanging in there...

33 weeks

We've made it another week! Good boy!

On Saturday, I went to a nursing class, and Daddy went to Daddy Boot Camp. Then we came home and watched the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD. We felt a little more prepared after doing those things. I also went this week and got your car seat properly installed at TX DOT. It's weird driving my car with a car seat in it; I'm sure it will be even more weird driving a car with a baby in it.

We had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, and surprisingly, it went rather well. There had been no change so I went home with instructions to keep doing what I'm doing for as long as I can do it. I have been on a trebutaline pump, progesterone shots, and a home health nurse comes and monitors my contractions and your heart beat every other day. The trebutaline was making me crazy though. The jitters, sleeplessness, shortness of breath, and headaches I can handle, but then it started making me feel like someone was trying to crush my sternum, then break my back, and then this burning sensation would climb into my jaw. The only relief I got was unhooking from the pump. Finally, I gave up on Thursday night and unhooked for good. Boy, have I felt better since then! Of course, my contractions have picked up, but hopefully you hang on a little longer.

I've been "nesting" this week and worked on rearranging some things to make room for your stuff. It's so funny to have your stuff among our stuff...

Like your little spoons with our silverware...
Your little bowls and plates with ours...
Your bottles and sippy cups with our glasses...
And I made room for your things in the guest bathroom (or shall we call it your bathroom now??)...
We're hoping to make it through the weekend until at least Tuesday (when I'll be 34 weeks!). Keep growing!

This is what you were up to this week:

Your skin is beginning to look less red and less wrinkled. Fat stores are continuing to be deposited under your skin. Your bones are all beginning to harden except for the skull. The skull needs to remain soft and pliable for delivery.

You are approximately 16 ½ inches long and weigh between 4 ½ to 5 pounds.

These were my prayers for you this week:

That your lungs are developing and that you're gaining weight so that if you come early, you'll be ahead of the game.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Bo, Another wonderful shower and a naughty boy...

32 weeks

We had a wonderful Amarillo shower, baby boy!

Gorgeous invitations...
Incredible food...
Old friends and new friends...

And lots of loot...
It couldn't have been a better day!

Some of my favorite gifts were made by Aunt Jen: a cart cover, taggy, adorable burp cloths and a bib (isn't she ridiculously talented?? we'll try not to hate her for it). And some inch bugs (these are the coolest things if you're looking for a great baby gift) and a paci clip with your name on it from Aunt Lori. Mimi got a gift for Momma that I love...the cutest and comfiest pajamas to wear after you're born.
Aunt Lori and Mimi came and worked like dogs washing your things, getting ready for you, and cooking some meals for the freezer. See how loved you are? We're blessed, little buddy.

But you, son, you were ungrateful. While other people were spoiling you, you were plotting an early escape again. We went to the Doc on Tuesday, and things were not looking great for you lasting much longer. I was still having contractions, things are progressing, and a fetal fibronectin test came back positive. That usually means baby will be here in 2 weeks...2 weeks! I stayed in the hospital so they could monitor me, got some steroid shots so your lungs can develop, and am at home with a trebutaline pump to control the contractions. The Doc has been reluctant to give the steroid shots until the last minute so I asked if he thought you'd be here within a week. He said yes...gulp! The meds make me feel pretty yucky, but I have good hours and bad hours. I'm wrapping up work from home and just waiting for you. Our living room looks like a cross between a hospital room and an office.

I want to show you the biggest sacrifice I may have made for you so far, young man. Momma is wearing a fanny pack (to hold the pump)...
When I get too depressed about it, I look at your chubby cheeks and smirk from the sono on Tuesday and things aren't so bleak (they measured you at 4 pounds 4 ounces, and you looked great):
Hold on just a little while longer, son!

This is what you were up to this week:

You are continuing to grow. Your toenails and fingernails have formed. The lungs are continuing to mature but will not reach full maturity for several more weeks. Your skeleton has completely formed, but your bones are very soft and pliable.

You are a little over 16 inches long and weigh between 4 and 4 ½ pounds.

These were my prayers for you this week:

That you will stay put for one more week (your cousins Landry, Kinley, and Kassidy were born at 33 weeks and are perfect so that's a mental goal for me).


Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Bo, 7 months are under our belt...

31 weeks

We passed the 7 month mark and are officially in month 8!
We did our annual Halloween tradition...Daddy carved a pumpkin while I made roasted Cajun pumpkin seeds. Yum! We also did our other tradition (just one last time, buddy)...we turned off our porch light, pretended we weren't home, and ignored the trick or treaters. I know, I know. Terrible.
Your Gran-nana came for a visit on Saturday. She brought a lot of Daddy's wooden toys from when he was a little boy, and we used them to decorate your room.
We put the rest in the toy box for you to play with when you're older. Daddy got so excited showing me everything and which were his favorites. I have a feeling you are going to have a time with Daddy sharing his toys! Gran-nana also brought a gorgeous afghan and your carseat! We enjoyed a nice lunch with Uncle Mike and Aunt Clovia.
You were a good boy this week--no early escape plot. I am on "bed rest", but when I asked exactly what that meant, Doc said "stay off your feet". I can do that at work so Daddy brought an ottoman to the office so I can wrap things up. I thought I had more time to turn my files over so I'm scrambling! My practice group is AMAZING; they bring me things from the break room, bring files and printing jobs, and scowl at me if I get up for any other reason than to potty. Truly blessed to work with such people.

I got a few more things in to accessorize your bookcase. I love these stuffed animals: a Grizzly, a wolf pup,and a deer:

You keep growing!

What you were up to this week:

You are continuing to develop a layer of fat under your skin. This is in preparation for your arrival into the world and gives you more of a newborn appearance. During the next several weeks you will really begin to put on the weight.

You are continuing to grow and have grown to over 15 ½ inches in length and weigh anywhere from 3 ½ to 4 pounds.

These were my prayers for you this week:

That you hang on until 34 weeks. That you find a fulfilling career and work with good people.