Friday, November 13, 2009

Dear Bo, Another wonderful shower and a naughty boy...

32 weeks

We had a wonderful Amarillo shower, baby boy!

Gorgeous invitations...
Incredible food...
Old friends and new friends...

And lots of loot...
It couldn't have been a better day!

Some of my favorite gifts were made by Aunt Jen: a cart cover, taggy, adorable burp cloths and a bib (isn't she ridiculously talented?? we'll try not to hate her for it). And some inch bugs (these are the coolest things if you're looking for a great baby gift) and a paci clip with your name on it from Aunt Lori. Mimi got a gift for Momma that I love...the cutest and comfiest pajamas to wear after you're born.
Aunt Lori and Mimi came and worked like dogs washing your things, getting ready for you, and cooking some meals for the freezer. See how loved you are? We're blessed, little buddy.

But you, son, you were ungrateful. While other people were spoiling you, you were plotting an early escape again. We went to the Doc on Tuesday, and things were not looking great for you lasting much longer. I was still having contractions, things are progressing, and a fetal fibronectin test came back positive. That usually means baby will be here in 2 weeks...2 weeks! I stayed in the hospital so they could monitor me, got some steroid shots so your lungs can develop, and am at home with a trebutaline pump to control the contractions. The Doc has been reluctant to give the steroid shots until the last minute so I asked if he thought you'd be here within a week. He said yes...gulp! The meds make me feel pretty yucky, but I have good hours and bad hours. I'm wrapping up work from home and just waiting for you. Our living room looks like a cross between a hospital room and an office.

I want to show you the biggest sacrifice I may have made for you so far, young man. Momma is wearing a fanny pack (to hold the pump)...
When I get too depressed about it, I look at your chubby cheeks and smirk from the sono on Tuesday and things aren't so bleak (they measured you at 4 pounds 4 ounces, and you looked great):
Hold on just a little while longer, son!

This is what you were up to this week:

You are continuing to grow. Your toenails and fingernails have formed. The lungs are continuing to mature but will not reach full maturity for several more weeks. Your skeleton has completely formed, but your bones are very soft and pliable.

You are a little over 16 inches long and weigh between 4 and 4 ½ pounds.

These were my prayers for you this week:

That you will stay put for one more week (your cousins Landry, Kinley, and Kassidy were born at 33 weeks and are perfect so that's a mental goal for me).


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