Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, South Padre (Day 3 and 4)...

I spent Saturday morning at meetings until lunch time.  While none of the meetings were directly related to my practice area, they were very interesting.  We then had lunch at Dirty Al's.  The oysters were so-so, but the peel and eat shrimp (with the yummy Dirty Al's sauce) was wonderful.  Unfortunately we watched the Aggie game after lunch (translation: we watched the Ags play a great first half, then roll over the second half).

After such a disappointing game, the only thing that could make us (me; Jonathan was inconsolable) feel better was the beach.  While Jonathan moped, I took a walk and shot some pics.
We finished the night listening to live music (the Bongo Dogs) at the Wanna Wanna Bar & Grill.  The band was great, and it was a wonderful evening to be outside.

Saturday we took some pictures, had another yummy breakfast, took a drive to the end of the island for some more pics, and had lunch at the Big Donkey (yum) before heading to the airport.  We were early heading back so we stopped at the outlet malls, and I so wish we had had more time there!  There were a lot of great stores.
{Pics after sunrise}
 {Pictures from the end of the island}
South Padre isn't the easiest place to get to from Amarillo so it took us forever to get home.  (SPI to Hobby to Dallas Love to Ama--bleh).  We were so ready to get back to our buddy, but grateful for the time away.  I got some much needed study time in, and we were able to spend some time relaxing and just being together.  We were so impressed with South Padre!  The water and beach were clean and just really lovely. 


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Bo, You're 22 months old...

How is that even possible?
  • No idea on your stats.  You wear 18 month pants, 24 month shirts, size 6 shoe, and a size 4 diaper.
  • You have a lot of hair, and it's wavy.  You are one thick little boy.
  • You are on your same old schedule: wake 7:30ish, watch a cartoon and have some milk and breakfast, lunch around 11:45, down for a nap (2 or 3 hours), dinner at 6ish, then bath and bed around 7:45pm.  
  • You got some more teeth in this month (you're up to 11 I think), and it was a rough time around these parts at night.  
  • You are hit and miss with eating.  Some days you'll eat everything in sight; other days I'm convinced you'll turn into a cheerio or a goldfish.  
  • You love, love, love Bubble Guppies.  If we ask if you want to watch it, you run and sit in your chair.  Love it.
  • You love books.  Makes me so happy.
  • You love outside.  Kicking the ball, shooting baskets, getting in and out of your cozy coupe, playing in the sandbox, going down the slide, and swinging.  You love it all.
  • You're into clapping, shutting doors, throwing things in the trash, and giggling.
  • Changing your diaper and clothes is like wrestling an alligator most days.
  • You're still not the most verbal little guy.  You say Momma, Dadda, hi-dee, bye-bye, peas (please), and repeat various other words, but don't say them unprompted.  If we push you to say something, you get frustrated and screech.  There's a lot of screeching going on at our house.
  • You know your animal sounds and body parts.  We have some farm flash cards, and you can identify all the objects.  It makes me laugh that you know which card has the combine and which has the farmer.  Pop will be proud!
  • You have one  You run everywhere.
  • We switched the school you go to, and you're so happy at your new school.  Warms my heart to drop you off and see you march right in without hesitation.  There are 6 kids in your class, and you have two teachers who fuss over the 6 of you (Ms. Willie and Ms. Jeanne).
  • You are generally a very happy boy.  You love to giggle and clap for yourself. 
  • We love you to pieces, little guy.

{Now-September 2011}
 {Then-September 2010}

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, An unexpected trip to South Padre (Day 1 and 2)...

We were given the opportunity to go to South Padre for my work for the weekend.  We decided to call it an early anniversary trip (#11 is just a month away) and spent Thursday evening through Sunday evening there.  It was our first time to leave you with someone other than family for the weekend (the nanny kept you at the house), and you did wonderfully.

There was plenty of relaxing, but it was mostly a study weekend for me.  My TBLS exam is a month away, and I'm busy cramming.  While it's grueling, I am reminded how much I enjoy studying.  I haven't made the time to do much studying "for pleasure" since the "billable hour monkey" jumped on my back six years ago.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy planning my assault on the study materials and then executing the plan.  My nerdiness has not forsaken me.  If you would have told me when I was in high school that I would still be studying for exams 15 years later, I probably wouldn't believe you.  I have always been self aware about my nerdiness, but even I thought I'd eventually grow out of it.  I guess there's still time...

Anywho, we arrived late Thursday evening.  We flew into Harlingen, then rented a car and drove to the condo we rented.  It was a late night, but we were glad to have a full day on Friday.

Since sleeping late is not our forte, we were up and at 'em Friday morning.  We enjoyed breakfast at Grapevine Cafe (it was delish), grocery shopped, hung out at the pool, had a sandwich at the condo, then enjoyed some time at the beach before dinner.

{The Pool}
{The Condo}
 {Of course, our boy was never far from our thoughts}
 {I even got a pedicure before we left!}

Dinner was at a partner's house from the host firm in Brownsville, and it was actually a lot of fun (I say actually because dinner with a house full of lawyers is plenty of things, but fun is not always among them). 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dear Bo, A weekend with Daddy...

September and October are months of travel!  I think I counted 6 weekends in a row I'll be out of town.  Whew.  This weekend was my firm retreat in Albuquerque.  I went over on Friday, we had some meetings on Saturday morning, I enjoyed a massage that afternoon, then studied for my TBLS exam until dinner that night.  This was my view while I studied.  Not bad at all.
Meanwhile, back at the home place, you and Daddy went to his work's picnic.  He reported that you were fearless scaling the bounce house and going down the slide.  Uh-oh.  I see bumps and bruises in our future! 
I headed home on Sunday after stopping at one of my favorite grocery stores.  Then we arrived and headed for dinner with some of our new friends.  Satisfying food and even more satisfying conversation was a perfect way to end the weekend.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Bo, Weekend review (a trip to the farm with a few bad iPhone pics)...

This Momma loves short work weeks!

The weekend was here in nothing flat, and we took off for the farm right after work on Friday.  Daddy had some dove hunting to do (no luck!), and Momma went to Living Proof Live with Mimi in Lubbock (so good!).  You played outside on Friday night, went to the Cowboy Symposium with Pop and Daddy on Saturday morning, hung out with Daddy during the day, and hung out with Mimi and Pop Saturday night.

{Mimi and I at Living Proof Live}

We came back early on Sunday.  You were a fuss bucket deluxe all day because you didn't feel well.  Here's to hoping it's a better week!


Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Bo, Your first day of "school"...

You started Mother's Day Out this week.  And to be makes me think you'll be going off to college next year!  I just keep did we get here so quickly?  I realize you're still not even 2, but it feels as if time is moving so quickly.  The person who said, "the days are long, but the years are short" certainly had it right.

{Getting a picture of you with your backpack and nap mat was impossible.}
 {You kept running off!}
You did great at school.  Daddy and I both went to drop you off, and you didn't cry when we left, nor did you cry all day.  You took a nap (I still can't believe you'll just nap on a nap mat in a room full of kids) and ate about 1/2 your lunch.  You're quite the teacher's helper with closing doors (one of your current favorite things to do at home).

{You love to clap for yourself, too.}
In my true "love for all things preparation", I had tons of fun finding your backpack, lunch box, and nap mat (made by your oh-so-talented Aunt Jen), and, of course, laying out your clothes and making your lunch the night before!
I hope this marks the beginning of you loving to learn!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear Bo, Labor Day weekend review...

{Friday night date night with Momma}  Some dinner, a walk, and rocking and singing in our pajamas until a certain blue eyed boy zonked out.  (Daddy went for a boys' weekend fishing.)

{Saturday with Momma and a last minute trip to the ranch}  It didn't work out where we could go with Daddy so after breakfast and a morning walk, we decided at the last minute to hop over to the ranch.  All your cousins there, and plenty of fun was had by all.  Despite how worn out you were, you were not in the mood for sleeping from 1:30-5:30am so Mimi and I got plenty of snuggles.

{Playing with Blaze and Brooks on the mule}
 {My blue eyed boy}
{Riding the horse with Pop; you fussed and fussed if it wasn't your turn.}
 {You and your buddy Kamryn}
 {And the birthday girl, Bri}
 {The handsome Bozeman cousins}

 {Playing peek a boo with Aunt Jen}
{All the cousins}
{Sunday with Daddy and Momma}  We met up with Daddy at the house on Sunday for the Aggie's opener.  You were pooped from your restless night so you were out before the game started.  Don't worry...I snoozed through a good bit of it, too. 

{Monday with Daddy and Momma}  After breakfast, we took a walk at medi park, played at the playground, and fed the ducks.  Then it was nap time and chili time.  We got the slightest chill in the air so we welcomed football season and cooler temps with a fall favorite...chili.

I can't believe you looked like this a year ago...


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dear Bo, You have my sweet tooth...

You may have your daddy's facial expressions, hands, and feet, but you have my sweet tooth...