Friday, September 9, 2011

Dear Bo, Your first day of "school"...

You started Mother's Day Out this week.  And to be makes me think you'll be going off to college next year!  I just keep did we get here so quickly?  I realize you're still not even 2, but it feels as if time is moving so quickly.  The person who said, "the days are long, but the years are short" certainly had it right.

{Getting a picture of you with your backpack and nap mat was impossible.}
 {You kept running off!}
You did great at school.  Daddy and I both went to drop you off, and you didn't cry when we left, nor did you cry all day.  You took a nap (I still can't believe you'll just nap on a nap mat in a room full of kids) and ate about 1/2 your lunch.  You're quite the teacher's helper with closing doors (one of your current favorite things to do at home).

{You love to clap for yourself, too.}
In my true "love for all things preparation", I had tons of fun finding your backpack, lunch box, and nap mat (made by your oh-so-talented Aunt Jen), and, of course, laying out your clothes and making your lunch the night before!
I hope this marks the beginning of you loving to learn!


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