Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dear Bo, You're 22 months old...

How is that even possible?
  • No idea on your stats.  You wear 18 month pants, 24 month shirts, size 6 shoe, and a size 4 diaper.
  • You have a lot of hair, and it's wavy.  You are one thick little boy.
  • You are on your same old schedule: wake 7:30ish, watch a cartoon and have some milk and breakfast, lunch around 11:45, down for a nap (2 or 3 hours), dinner at 6ish, then bath and bed around 7:45pm.  
  • You got some more teeth in this month (you're up to 11 I think), and it was a rough time around these parts at night.  
  • You are hit and miss with eating.  Some days you'll eat everything in sight; other days I'm convinced you'll turn into a cheerio or a goldfish.  
  • You love, love, love Bubble Guppies.  If we ask if you want to watch it, you run and sit in your chair.  Love it.
  • You love books.  Makes me so happy.
  • You love outside.  Kicking the ball, shooting baskets, getting in and out of your cozy coupe, playing in the sandbox, going down the slide, and swinging.  You love it all.
  • You're into clapping, shutting doors, throwing things in the trash, and giggling.
  • Changing your diaper and clothes is like wrestling an alligator most days.
  • You're still not the most verbal little guy.  You say Momma, Dadda, hi-dee, bye-bye, peas (please), and repeat various other words, but don't say them unprompted.  If we push you to say something, you get frustrated and screech.  There's a lot of screeching going on at our house.
  • You know your animal sounds and body parts.  We have some farm flash cards, and you can identify all the objects.  It makes me laugh that you know which card has the combine and which has the farmer.  Pop will be proud!
  • You have one speed...fast.  You run everywhere.
  • We switched the school you go to, and you're so happy at your new school.  Warms my heart to drop you off and see you march right in without hesitation.  There are 6 kids in your class, and you have two teachers who fuss over the 6 of you (Ms. Willie and Ms. Jeanne).
  • You are generally a very happy boy.  You love to giggle and clap for yourself. 
  • We love you to pieces, little guy.

{Now-September 2011}
 {Then-September 2010}

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