Thursday, September 29, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, South Padre (Day 3 and 4)...

I spent Saturday morning at meetings until lunch time.  While none of the meetings were directly related to my practice area, they were very interesting.  We then had lunch at Dirty Al's.  The oysters were so-so, but the peel and eat shrimp (with the yummy Dirty Al's sauce) was wonderful.  Unfortunately we watched the Aggie game after lunch (translation: we watched the Ags play a great first half, then roll over the second half).

After such a disappointing game, the only thing that could make us (me; Jonathan was inconsolable) feel better was the beach.  While Jonathan moped, I took a walk and shot some pics.
We finished the night listening to live music (the Bongo Dogs) at the Wanna Wanna Bar & Grill.  The band was great, and it was a wonderful evening to be outside.

Saturday we took some pictures, had another yummy breakfast, took a drive to the end of the island for some more pics, and had lunch at the Big Donkey (yum) before heading to the airport.  We were early heading back so we stopped at the outlet malls, and I so wish we had had more time there!  There were a lot of great stores.
{Pics after sunrise}
 {Pictures from the end of the island}
South Padre isn't the easiest place to get to from Amarillo so it took us forever to get home.  (SPI to Hobby to Dallas Love to Ama--bleh).  We were so ready to get back to our buddy, but grateful for the time away.  I got some much needed study time in, and we were able to spend some time relaxing and just being together.  We were so impressed with South Padre!  The water and beach were clean and just really lovely. 


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  1. Dirty Al's is our fave place in SPI! We also like Gabriella's in Port Isbabel.

    I've been going to SPI since I was like 7. I can't wait to take my boys.

    And yes, it is a PAIN to get there and back from AMA.