Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, An unexpected trip to South Padre (Day 1 and 2)...

We were given the opportunity to go to South Padre for my work for the weekend.  We decided to call it an early anniversary trip (#11 is just a month away) and spent Thursday evening through Sunday evening there.  It was our first time to leave you with someone other than family for the weekend (the nanny kept you at the house), and you did wonderfully.

There was plenty of relaxing, but it was mostly a study weekend for me.  My TBLS exam is a month away, and I'm busy cramming.  While it's grueling, I am reminded how much I enjoy studying.  I haven't made the time to do much studying "for pleasure" since the "billable hour monkey" jumped on my back six years ago.  I had forgotten how much I enjoy planning my assault on the study materials and then executing the plan.  My nerdiness has not forsaken me.  If you would have told me when I was in high school that I would still be studying for exams 15 years later, I probably wouldn't believe you.  I have always been self aware about my nerdiness, but even I thought I'd eventually grow out of it.  I guess there's still time...

Anywho, we arrived late Thursday evening.  We flew into Harlingen, then rented a car and drove to the condo we rented.  It was a late night, but we were glad to have a full day on Friday.

Since sleeping late is not our forte, we were up and at 'em Friday morning.  We enjoyed breakfast at Grapevine Cafe (it was delish), grocery shopped, hung out at the pool, had a sandwich at the condo, then enjoyed some time at the beach before dinner.

{The Pool}
{The Condo}
 {Of course, our boy was never far from our thoughts}
 {I even got a pedicure before we left!}

Dinner was at a partner's house from the host firm in Brownsville, and it was actually a lot of fun (I say actually because dinner with a house full of lawyers is plenty of things, but fun is not always among them). 

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