Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dear Bo, Labor Day weekend review...

{Friday night date night with Momma}  Some dinner, a walk, and rocking and singing in our pajamas until a certain blue eyed boy zonked out.  (Daddy went for a boys' weekend fishing.)

{Saturday with Momma and a last minute trip to the ranch}  It didn't work out where we could go with Daddy so after breakfast and a morning walk, we decided at the last minute to hop over to the ranch.  All your cousins there, and plenty of fun was had by all.  Despite how worn out you were, you were not in the mood for sleeping from 1:30-5:30am so Mimi and I got plenty of snuggles.

{Playing with Blaze and Brooks on the mule}
 {My blue eyed boy}
{Riding the horse with Pop; you fussed and fussed if it wasn't your turn.}
 {You and your buddy Kamryn}
 {And the birthday girl, Bri}
 {The handsome Bozeman cousins}

 {Playing peek a boo with Aunt Jen}
{All the cousins}
{Sunday with Daddy and Momma}  We met up with Daddy at the house on Sunday for the Aggie's opener.  You were pooped from your restless night so you were out before the game started.  Don't worry...I snoozed through a good bit of it, too. 

{Monday with Daddy and Momma}  After breakfast, we took a walk at medi park, played at the playground, and fed the ducks.  Then it was nap time and chili time.  We got the slightest chill in the air so we welcomed football season and cooler temps with a fall favorite...chili.

I can't believe you looked like this a year ago...


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