Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dear Bo, Labor Day Weekend 2010...

Friday night was family date night, of course!

Then Saturday we went to see your cousins in Binger, OK, and stayed the night.  Here you are before we left.  You wore your Aggie gear since it was the first game day of the season!

You only took two 30 minute naps on Saturday, but amazingly, you weren't fussy!  You just did not want to sleep.  You did well that night; you just woke up early (5am) for about an hour and a half.  It was totally worth it though because I wrapped you in a blanket and went outside and swung on the porch with you, and you cuddled into me and fell asleep.  Highlight of my weekend!  You rarely fall asleep on me these days.

We came home on Sunday and spent Monday playing at the house.  You let me rock you for both naps!  Melted my heart!

I only took 1 picture the whole time we were in OK--I can't believe it.

Some other pics I should have taken:
  • You and your cousin Cale together.
  • Aunt Donna feeding you your bottle.
  • You looking at the fish Daddy caught.
  • The funny looks you gave Cousin Zac.
  • The strange positions you get yourself into when you're trying to crawl (you're so close!).
  • The places you get stuck when you roll all over.
  • Your giant grin when Daddy's outside mowing and knocks on the window to get your attention.
  • You snuggling up to me on the porch swing.
  • The way you smile and laugh when I sing "Old McDonald Had a Farm".
Fun weekend,


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  1. Sounds like yall had a great weekend--give that boy sugars For me!!!!