Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dear Bo, You're lovin' Momma's milk this go 'round...

At your 9 month appointment, the Doc said we could try out the frozen breast milk on you.  You've been exclusively on Nutramigen AA since mid-May.  We tried out the dairy free/soy free breast milk first, and you did great.  We started the "leaded" breast milk on Friday, and while you've been spitting up again, you've otherwise done great.  We've taken plenty of snap shots with you and your milk mouth to prove it...
So thankful you are doing so well on the breast milk and that we can finally get some freezer space back!



  1. I just love his big smiles! I'm so happy that he is loving the milk!!

  2. Yea for the momma milk! Looks like he loves it! So happy for you both!!!!