Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dear Bo, Fun on the farm and ranch...

It was family picture weekend at the ranch this weekend.  We went to the farm early so Daddy could hunt, then spent Saturday at the ranch getting pictures made.  Considering we had 10 adults, 10 kids, 5 of whom were under the age of 3, I'd say it went rather well.

Here's you with the ranch sign.  See?  It's your ranch! (Boy, am I going to have fun with taking pictures of you with everything that says "Bozeman" throughout the years!)

Daddy let you drive the short road to the ranch house, and you had a grand old time!

You got to play with your cousins, especially Brooks.  You were sharing toys...
And crawling...

See that mischievous grin?  He thought you looked scrumptious, edible even, and nibbled on you!  You forgive easily and all was well after a good cry.

Pop took you on your first mule ride.  You liked the steering wheel (of course) and loved seeing Kate (Pop's dog).  You even enjoyed the kitties, but you could care less about the horses.

And don't forget that you got lovin' from Mimi, too!

Another fun weekend at the farm and ranch!


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  1. So much fun!!! Sorry about chompers!!! We went to Lamesa Tuesday--he bite to other babies---what can I say the boys likes to eat!!!:) Cant wait to get pics!!