Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dear Daddy, Happy Birthday...

You are Corky and Margie's firstborn, Granny Fleming and Granny Bozeman's first grandchild. The self proclaimed "favorite" grandson. The boy who used a pacifier way too long. Your daddy's right hand man, never proven more than when you held things together for him here on Earth while he rested in Heaven. The one who brings your mother flowers on Valentine's Day because he's not here to do so. The one who made sure your Granny Bozeman lived and died with dignity in her last days.

You are a brother to three. The one she called when her husband left, the one that held them together when their daddy passed on, the one who sees after their business affairs and keeps their best interests close at heart.

You are husband to one. You work hard so she can play hard. You bring flowers and jewelry and always adoration. You bring loyalty and devotion and always love.

You are father to your oldest, "LD", with whom you share the kindred spirit of "keeping things inside", your first son, Derek Ken, with whom you share the gift of visiting with and relating to all you meet, your #3, me, with whom you share the blessing and curse of persistence, and your baby, Heath, with whom you share the art of business sense.

You are grandfather to ten, their "Pop". You dole out pony rides, four wheeler rides, mule rides, and tractor rides. You bathe them, "bob and weave", love them and hug them.

To me, you are "Daddy". The man I was scared of when I was little with your deep voice and strong ways, but still the man I couldn't resist running to and sitting in your lap. The man who cheered at my ball games, helped me write my 8th grade Valedictorian speech, escorted me on Homecoming court, dropped me off at college, picked me up there too soon and had the strength to take me back less than a year later, gave me away at my wedding, called me when my Granny died, and waited as my son was born.

Thank you. Thank you for spanking me when I needed it. Thank you for loving my mother so I knew what a husband should look like. Thank you for being the kind of man I want to teach my son to be. Thank you for not giving up on me when things looked pretty hopeless. Thank you for coming in my room and hugging me and crying during those dark days; you thought I was sleeping. I wasn't. I knew you were there. And though I couldn't tell you at the time, but I needed you there. Thank you for being so brave and letting me go back to A&M, for giving me an education that has brought me a rewarding career. Thank you for moving me more than a few times in your stock trailer. Thank you for watching me marry a good man and move away and letting me come home as often as I wanted. Thank you for coming and taking the late shift with my son after he was born and helping so much when we came and visited. Thank you for telling me I am a good mother when I don't always feel like it.

Thank you. Thank you.

Have a wonderful birthday. My life is and is better because you were born.



  1. Aren't we the luckiest kids to have him as "our dad"???? He is the best!!! Thanks for sharing those words sis, I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Oh my. This post put a lump in my throat. What a blessed girl you are to have a Daddy as the one you described.

    I hope you shared this post with him. ;)