Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, Boys weekend in Binger...

We had such a great weekend!  On Friday, we cut out of work a little early and trekked to Oklahoma.  We dropped Daddy off with Cousins Zac and Zeb to have a little boys' weekend at Zac's land, and you and I drove on to Edmond to spend time with Aunt Donna.  We had the perfect little set up in the huge guest area!

On Saturday, we were able to visit with sweet Suzanne.  I even got to feed and rock precious Eli to sleep (which you did not really care for)!  She returned your preemie clothes to me, and I could not believe you were so tiny to have worn them comfortably just 15.5 short months ago!

{Meanwhile the guys were fishing}

We drove by our first house on Saturday, too, which always leaves me sentimental.  Each time we return to Edmond I miss it and have a longing to move back.  I never can tell, however, if I'm missing that time in my life (what felt like a simpler time) or actually missing the town.

On Sunday, we drove to Binger to pick up Daddy.

{You walked around outside like you owned the place.}
{While I tried to keep the dirt and sticks from out of your mouth.}
{We tried to get a decent picture of you in front of the pond, but you were too interested in the dirt and sticks.}

{We finally got you to look at the camera!  But no smile.}
{We tried for a smile on top of Daddy's shoulders.}
{No luck.}
{We finally gave up, and you tuckered out on the way home.}
{While we were unpacking at the car at the house, you found your shadow and were mesmerized.}
{You just could not figure it out!}
{And so you sat and played with your shadow for quite awhile...}

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