Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear Bo & Kate, A visit to the Coles...

We took off for Aunt Lori's Friday night.  The plan was to see all 3 of the kids play their games.  You were both great on the car ride.  We made good time and ate supper before Kamryn's volleyball games.

You were so good at the games, Kate!  In between games, kids played on the court, and Bo, you were cuh-razy!  You chased the balls, played with Kamryn, and were one sweaty little boy!

Fortunately (it was needed so badly!) and unfortunately (Brody and Brileigh's games were cancelled), it rained all day Saturday.  We had a lazy day inside.  Kate, you were loved on and toted around, and Bo, you played tractors and trucks with Brody all day long.  Whenever you were looking for someone, you'd say, "Brody (or whoever), are you here?"

I had a great girl mom moment when I visited a shop with nothing but bows.  I had several made for holiday outfits.  So much fun.

I laid down with you, Bo, each night until you fell asleep, then you slept with Mimi.  I haven't done that much since Kate's arrival, and I sure have missed the sweet smell of a clean boy tired from a full day's play.  You slept great both nights, Kate!  Hallelujah!

Sunday we went to church, grabbed a quick lunch, then it was on the road again.  We made a ton of stops (nurse Kate, stop for a diaper blowout, stop for Sonic, stop for a spill of Sonic drink, stop for gas), but eventually we made it home!

{It's always comedy trying to get a pic with 5 kids looking!}

{Just the girls}

I think the going is finally out of me, but boy, did we make some memories!  Thanks for trapsing around with us, Mimi!  We love you, Coles!


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