Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dear Bo, Your fourth birthday letter...

Happy 4th birthday, my little preschooler.  I can’t believe you aren’t a toddler anymore.  I have loved your toddler years.  I’m so excited to see what this year will bring though; so many people have said “4” is a fun year! 

Your language just amazes me.  You have come so far.  You say the funniest things, too.  If I described you in just a few words, they would be funny, happy, and loving.  You are the most loving little boy.  You constantly hug us, kiss us (and rub it in!), want to sit in our laps, and say “I love you” and “I missed you” when we return from work.

Your transition to primer at St. Andrew’s has been wonderful.  You were headstrong the first several weeks about getting in line and keeping your hands to yourself, but then you fell in step.  You have lots of friends, and the teachers are fond of you (and you are of them, too!). 

You love your sister and are such a good big brother.  You have taken this whole big brother thing in stride.  You refer to her as “baby sister”  “baby Kate” or just “my sister”.  It’s so sweet.  You’ve gotten frustrated as she’s gotten more mobile and into your things, but mostly, I think you’ve enjoyed a playmate.

You adore Jeanne and her family, and you love going to the farm.  You love going to church and seeing Mrs. Amy and going to children’s church.  Your favorite friends are Jack, Simon and Evie (from school), Beau and Jayleigh (from church), Caleb, and Claire.  You’re a social little guy (like your daddy). 

You get really frustrated when you can’t do something or something doesn’t go your way immediately.  You growl, cross your arms over your chest and pout.  We’re working on this.

You have gone through a lot of phases of things you love this year.  Your devotion to Thomas remains, but it has lessened.  You transitioned to a Team Umizoomi obsession, were quite into all things Cars, and now are into Planes. 

Your birthday party was so bittersweet this year.  You have such a neat circle of people who love you—the Vanderpools and the Tomlinsons especially.  There are so many families with littles your age that I took for granted that I’d raise you with…the Roberts, McPhersons, Bensons, Browns.  To see them all in the same place celebrating you for the last time was a sweet moment.  You have been loved so well here, Bo.  So well. 

You bring me indescribable joy.  Your blue eyes, thick head of hair, precious hands, belly laugh, easy affection, loving words, and strong spirit slay me.  If I made a list of all the qualities I wish my son had, I could never have listed all that you are.  You are beyond my imagination.  That you are mine is a gift I’ll never stop thanking Him for.

I can’t wait to see what 4 will bring.  1, 2, and 3 brought more than I knew to hope for.


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