Friday, October 9, 2009

Dear Bo, It's been a project kind of week...

27 weeks

We had a fun weekend with friends. We girls pampered ourselves and belatedly celebrated Christine's 30th. Then we all went to a wedding out by the canyon.
I got bit by the project bug this week. Mimi's coming to help with your room so I got busy firming up ideas for burlap curtains, canvases for the wall, and letters for the wall. I'm not a crafty person, but I'm a thrifty person so I decided we could make all of these things ourselves. Daddy wielded the exacto knife and cut stencils for me to do this project on canvases. Then he wielded the knife again to cut out letters from scrapbook paper to make letters like these. I love how the letters turned out:
Getting bit by the project bug is a lot better than getting bit by the bug Daddy got bit by...the flu. Yuck! I've sprayed Lysol like crazy, am staying away from him, and praying we don't get the flu, too!

Mimi's coming today to work on the curtains and see you on Monday at our sonogram. Keep growing! And...please let us see your face on Monday!

This is what you were up to this week:

Around week 11 your eye lids became fused, but around the 27th to 28th week babies can open and close their eyes. You have also developed a regular wake and sleep cycle. You may be experiencing hiccups now as your lungs continue to mature.

You are now 13 ¾ inches long and weigh 2¼ pounds.

These were my prayers for you this week:

That your kidney measurements are good on Monday, that we don't get the flu, that you make a good decision when you choose a wife.



  1. Love the letters. I know yall are going to be going like crazy this weekend trying to hammer out all your projects, and I bet you get them all done. One of you will be cracking the wip, not sure if it will be you or mom. I pray you don't get the flu and all continues to go well. Send the pics from the appt on Monday, getting so anxious to meet little BO!!!!!

  2. Min--love the letters--YOU ARE CRAFTY!!!I will be praying that you and Bo don't get the flu!!!! Hope Jonathan gets feeling better--cute pic of yall!