Friday, October 30, 2009

Dear Bo, Just hold your horses, young man...

30 weeks

What a fun weekend we had! Aggie victory at Jones Stadium! Daddy got free tickets so we went to the game with hopes of not looking so bad we had to leave before halftime (I really
wanted to see the band). I was able to see the band!
And...we were able to enjoy a win! We haven't had a victory there since 1993, so it was LONG overdue.

We picked up lots of goodies for you over the weekend! Mimi finished some swaddling blankets, the blankie and pillows for your nursery, and Aunt Jen put your name and initials on them. So cute!
Uncle Bud finished the new piece for your nursery! It's a toy box at the bottom and bookshelf at the top! I couldn't love it more!
Your great Aunt Terri made you tons of blankets and burp cloths.
And Aunt Lori scored you some serious loot from a friend who was getting rid of her baby gear.

While the rest of us were enjoying getting things ready for were plotting an early escape. Not cool, son. Believe me, I, of all people, appreciate a person who is eager to get out there and get things started. You get an A+ for initiative.'re just gonna have to hold your horses! You worried Momma and Daddy (ahem--we've not finished the book on how to take care of you, little mister), the shots they had to give me were yucky, and hospital stays are just no fun. So..."you-stay-in-my-womb-and-don't-come-out-until-I-tell-you-young-man!" There...your first scolding. When they were monitoring you, they told us you were 3 pounds 11 ounces, and your heart rate was between 152-158bpm.

Keep growing!

Here's what you were up to this week:

Your eyes are becoming more mature, and now you can tell the difference between light and dark. Babies at 30 weeks can even follow a light source with their eyes. Once you are born, you will spend a great deal of time with your eyes closed. This is completely normal. Newborns only have the ability to focus on objects a few inches from their faces. While “normal” adult vision is 20/20, a newborn’s vision is 20/400.

You are about 15.15 inches long (CHL) and weigh about 3 pounds.

These were my prayers for you this week:

That you would not come early!



  1. good to see yall last weekend!!! I am glad to hear that Bo decided to hold is horses:)TTYL:)

  2. Love, love, love the nursery! You guys are just such a creative and talented family! Bo is a lucky little boy.

  3. I'm so glad he decided to spend a little more time in the "oven." I think the first scolding was appropriate given the circumstances. The nursery is looking GREAT!