Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear Cousins, We had so much fun with you...

We so enjoyed our visit to see you!
Bro-Bro, you kept wanting to "hold Bo" and were very protective when you did. You did not like it when your Momma or one of your sissies tried to take him from you. My favorite was when you'd insist on having a burp cloth then put it behind your own head as padding.

Girls, I have adored you at every age, and this age is no different! Kam-Kam, I loved playing pretend all weekend. You make me laugh when you dance and sing on your bed, wear your Momma's high heels around, and make up the story line to our pretend game. Bri, I can't believe you are so fluent with my iPod, know all the lyrics to Taylor Swift songs, and are so incredibly helpful with Bo. How can you possibly be old enough to do all that? It seems like only yesterday that you were Bo's age...

It cracked me up to have 6 little eyes on my and Bo's every move, and I wouldn't trade it for all the silence and solitude in the world!

Sis, I idolized you as a child and nothing much has changed! I'll never forget you encouraging me through my nursing woes and thank you so much for letting me get a restful night of sleep at your house! Bo loves his Aunt Lori already!



  1. We loved having yall here and thank you so much for coming, you don't know how much that meant to the kids and especially me!!!! I love you sis and you're a wonderful mom, I knew you would be though!!! Bo is so lucky!!!

  2. I hope Bo will appreciate his big, loving family early in life . . . what a blessing, and what fun!