Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Bo, Your first sleepover at the farm...

You slept all night for Mimi and Pop!  Yipee!

When I got there, you weren't interested in me at all.  You were too busy playing with Pop.

You gave Mimi lots of sugar and were rolling all over the place (your first time to really get somewhere rolling)!

You played with your favorite toy at Mimi's house...a little basketball.

You played hard at Uncle Bud and Aunt Jen's...
 So hard that you needed a little power nap...
Then you played hard with Cousin Blaze at Uncle Heath and Aunt Amber's...

A good weekend with family!



  1. Bo was an angel for his first nite on the farm without Mommy and Daddy. I hope there are many more nites at Mimi and Pop's house.

  2. Such a sweet boy---had fun lovin on with him;) Blaze and Brooks had fun too:)And Heath and I enjoyed hearing Blaze say "Jonuuthan"!Glad he had a good time at Mimi and Pop's:)