Friday, November 2, 2012

Dear Bo, Pumpkin Farm 2012...

You had so much fun last year that we knew we had to go back this year! 

 {Hay ride}
 {You liked the hay ride to the pumpkin patch and kept talking about seeing "a whole BUNCH of 'punkins'!!"  You have so much enthusiasm it kills me!}
{Tire climbing was fun, too}
 {You loved climbing the hill over and over to go on the slides 'through the tunnels'.}

 {I had to see how tall you were this year.}
 {Hard to believe this was you last year.}
{The cow train was still a favorite.}
{As was riding the wagons with Daddy}
  {You're always one to sit on a tractor, but you kept saying, "it not working!"}
 {You were a champ at the obstacle course.}

{But your favorite was the bouncy area, which was cool to see because last year you were too scared to even get on it.}
{Sissy was a champ.  This was the only time she was awake.  The rest of the time she slept in the Baby Bjorn.  Such a good girl!}

Can't wait to go back next year and see what you and Kate will be in to then!


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