Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dear Bo, Your Third Birthday Letter....

Dear Bo,

Happy third birthday.  Three?  Three.  Wow.  Just like in years’ past, I find myself wondering where the time has gone.  It’s comforting to know that I know where it went and how it was spent…

It was spent swaddling and reswaddling and pacing the floors.
It was spent with a little bundled burrito sleeping (or more often not sleeping) on our chest.
It was spent watching and waiting for and finally reveling in that first smile, first giggle, first roll over, first step, and first word.
It was spent smiling as you found your hands, your feet, your favorite book, favorite cartoon, and favorite words.
It was spent crying as you struggled to eat and sleep.
It was spent saying over and over, “he’s so cute”, “he’s so sweet”, “he’s such a good boy” "do you need to go potty?"  "stop" "give me sugar" "say please" and "do you know how much Momma loves you?".
It was spent taking deep breaths when you had/have tantrums, throw things, and say “no” over and over.
It was spent speeding up so you could get a better look at the “big truck”, pointing out choo-choo trains, singing our ABC’s, learning colors and shapes, and repeating prayers.
It was spent laughing at the words you put together and the funny things you do.

I often think “someday I’m going to miss this”, and it brings me comfort to know that I’m aware of what I have that I’ll miss and that I know I’ll miss it every bit as much as I think I will.

This year has been so full of changes.  You’ve learned so many things.  I am astounded by how your vocabulary and communication skills have grown.  That we can have a conversation blows my mind.  You’ve transformed from this needy (albeit darling) little toddler into a little boy developing independence (albeit still needy) who I’m developing an actual relationship with.  It’s so frustrating and hilarious and beautiful at the same time!

You still are so affectionate and loving.  You are always asking where we are if we aren’t in the room/home/etc.  You still say our name with such excitement when we come in the room even if we only walked out a few minutes/seconds before.  You love to climb in our lap and freely give sugar.  You can say “love you!” and do so often.  You frequently say thank you spontaneously, which warms my heart.  You can “read” a few books, and it tickles me to no end.  And fuh-gedd-about-it when you pray; I am dizzy with Momma love for sure.

You are a thick little guy and have days/weeks where you eat everything in sight and days/weeks where you’re not interested in much.  You love to kick a ball around with Daddy outside, swing, read books, sing songs, play with play-doh, play with trains, matchbox cars, and any other vehicle.  You love Cat in the Hat and Bubble Guppies still, but have developed quite an affection for Thomas the Train and Team Umizoomi, too.  Your favorite movies are Finding Nemo, Cars, Toy Story, Ice Age, and Madagascar.

You are a good big brother.  You have shown very little effects of our love multiplying to include your little sister.  You are sweet with her, call her “baby sister” (not Kate), ask where she is when she’s not in the room, and love to push on her belly button.  She watches you and smiles at you; I know she’ll be crazy about you, too.  I had such a special relationship with my big brother; I pray the same for you two.

You are so loving and so loved.  Goodness gracious you are loved, child. 

Happy birthday, little buddy.  I can’t wait to see what we learn together in year four.


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