Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dear Baby, You scared me AGAIN...

I got a call from the doctor this morning, and he said he looked at your picture and saw some things he was concerned about. He said you looked fine, but there was another growth in my uterus that concerned him—that it was possibly a blood clot or a malformed placenta. He asked that I come in right away so he could take a look.

You’ll find out soon enough that your mom’s quite the pessimist. I immediately went to a bad place and just knew it was the worst news. Daddy and I went in, and the doctor put you up on the screen again. Your heart was beating strong (140bpm), and we heard it again. You looked great! And that “growth”…it was gone! He wants me to go back next week to take another picture just to make certain the “growth” is indeed gone. I hope you like your picture being taken because we get to see you a lot!

Your Aunt Jen and Aunt Collyn gave me some tubs of clothes for while you grow in me. I picked through them tonight, trying them on, washing them, and making a pile for the dry cleaners. I can’t imagine how big my body is going to get from the looks of some of those clothes! I even bought a few things for this “in between stage” I found on sale. I also went to the bookstore and found a book for Daddy called “Pregnancy Sucks (for Men)”. It’s a funny book about what to expect while you’re growing.

I feel like these first few weeks have been a roller coaster with the bleeding and the “growth” scare. I guess that’s what it will be like from here on out—the highs and lows of being responsible for a little nugget!

I’m glad you’re still here. Today was quite a scare.



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