Friday, August 21, 2009

Dear Baby Boy, You were just taking a leak I think...

20 weeks

We went to the Dr. again, and you are doing well. He mentioned that your ureters were slightly enlarged, which likely is because you were urinating when the measurements were taken. He's going to take the measurements in several weeks to make sure. Other than that, you're looking great!

Daddy has been working on painting the closet, and it's so fun to see parts of your room coming together! I can't wait to get your furniture in there. I have been so good and haven't bought you anything, but I just couldn't resist this week. I was getting Cousin Landry some things for his birthday, and they just had some irresistable things on sale at Gymboree! I had a coupon, and it was all next to nothing so I indulged a bit. I just could not resist this. The saying is so synonymous with little boys to me! And this little shirt will be just perfect for July 4th (which Daddy and I love celebrating by the way; it makes him think about his Granpapa). And finally, for just $6 (with my coupon), these little overalls could not go unpurchased! That's it for the clothes until you come (except for your coming home outfit and some Christmas outfits, of course); I promise.

We got some presents this week! Cousin Denise sent me the book Happiest Baby on the Block, and she sent you a book, too, Oh, Baby, The Places You'll Go. So sweet of her. We have continued to read nightly, and you usually move around when we do.

This is the first week I've felt icky in a long time. I think my body is just stretching to accommodate you (which I'm glad about), but it sure doesn't feel good.

You keep growing, and next time wait to go to the bathroom until after they take your measurements!

This is what you were up to this week:

Nothing much to write about this week, little one.

These were my prayers for you this week:

That you are a strong but sensitive little boy. That you don't arrive too early. That we help you be a content baby. That some other momma somewhere is carrying, has carried, or will carry a little girl for you to partner up with, and that she's praying for her as I hard as I'm praying for you.



  1. Just like about boy--taking a leak is a reason to show off!hahaha--If I ask Blaze -"did you potty?"--he smiles and laughs!

  2. What cute clothes! It sounds like you have quite the boy on the way.