Friday, August 7, 2009

Dear Baby, We passed the four month mark...

18 weeks
August 3rd was officially the end of month 4! I can't believe how quickly time is passing. It seemed to drag at the beginning, but now that things are going smoothly, and I've gotten my energy back, it seems to be flying.
Daddy had a boys' weekend last weekend, and I had a girls' weekend. He hiked Wheeler Peak, and I shopped, ate, and went to a musical. Someday you can go to boys' weekend, but for now, you're stuck with me. Your Aunt Lori brought me a gift card for some maternity clothes.
And Christine brought you some Aggie gear. It will be just perfect for basketball season! Ahhh...little one, someday we'll tell you all about how you were born during Bryan Davis's last season. You won't remember the swats or the drama, but we'll gear you up for the games and tell you about it anyway.
Next week we'll "officially" know if you're our little man or our little princess. You keep growing.

Here's what you were up to this week:

A protective covering called myelin is beginning to form around your nerves. This covering will continue to form up until your first birthday. If you are a little girl, your fallopian tubes and uterus have positioned themselves into the correct place. If you are a little boy, then your genitals may be noticed on the next ultrasound.

You are now about 6.29 inches long and weigh 5 ½ ounces.

These were my prayers for you:

That you will embrace exactly what you were created to be (boy or girl). That all of your organs are forming as they are supposed to, and that we continue to have good weeks.



  1. Hey Min---good to hear that everything is going faster now!!! Can't wait to meet Baby Z!!!!:)I am sure that he/she will be the cutest aggie basketball fan ever!!!

  2. Although the baby will never understand just how lucky he is to get to see Davis' last season, at least you'll have some cute pics of him in Aggie gear to show his future wife. I can't wait for the "official" ruling on the sex!