Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Girls, What a fun weekend...

What a fun weekend with you!

First of all, hats off to...

for getting me there on time!

your Tex Mex really is legendary!

And I do think William Shatner is on to something because our hotel was the perfect bank for our buck! Thank you, Priceline.

Lori and Steph, there were 2 things I banked on before arriving:
  1. You would not watch the movie before you arrived. (I was right on this one.)
  2. You would not stay awake to watch the movie after dinner, which I brought for you to watch on my laptop as a result of #1. I was pleasantly surprised on this one. Kudos to you!
Is anything better than yummy breakfast at Corner Bakery or
When you've had the chocolate croissant at La Madeleine, the answer is NO!

But dinner atis a close second!

the musical...

But let's face it, both were just an excuse to get together and talk about things that were meant for girls' ears only, to laugh until our sides hurt, to stay up late catching up on everything and nothing, and to reconnect!


  1. Looks like the perfect girls weekend. Please tell me you guys at least CONSIDERED actually making those t-shirts and wearing them all weekend!

  2. Thanks for the weekend. I had a wonderful time, it's always nice to spend a weekend with your sister and to top it off with our wonderful friends!!! Thanks for all the details you put into it, Steph and I always get a good laugh spending time with you and Chrisine. Love you!!

  3. What a great weekend! We need to make this a tradition. I wonder why Lori and Steph get a "good laugh" spending time with us? I just don't understand...