Monday, March 22, 2010

Dear Davis, I'll miss you...

I'll miss the charges you took, the swatting, the dunking, the flopping, the intense look on your's been super fun to watch you. I'm sure you'll be doing these things in the NBA, but I won't pretend I'll watch you there. I'm just a college ball kind of girl...

Thanks for the good times,


  1. The first thing I said to David this morning was, "I am so sad that our Davis days are over." I am not sure anyone can replace him. We're sad we didn't get a chance to go to Houston with you guys to see the Ags play.

  2. You Bozemans and your basketball--:)!!!!!

  3. T-Mac and I agree! We too commented on how much less dramatic the Aggie games will be! He was a character... and will be missed. We applaud his efforts!