Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Mother, Happy Birthday...

I know you've been dreading this birthday, but there are a thousand reasons I'm glad you were born today (though I think I'll just name 10):

  1. Because who would love my Daddy like you do? You are a good example of a wife who loves and respects her husband without disrespecting herself. Just the kind of wife I'd like to be.
  2. Because who would have cared for my Mammaw and Grandaddy and my Granny? You loved them like crazy when the lived--visiting them and caring for them. You loved them like crazy while they died--treating them with dignity. And you're loving them like crazy while they're gone--making sure we don't forget the wonderful memories of them. Well done.
  3. Because who would have taught us how to have fun growing up? You've said it yourself, and I tend to initiated tons of fun growing up. Games, trips, movies, the works! We had a fun childhood and our get togethers are still packed with fun!
  4. Because who would take trips with me? New York City is a special trip I'll always remember. Not to mention girls' grips with Lori ...
  5. Because who would have loved me when I didn't love myself? You loved me until I could love me again. Enough said.
  6. Because who would be Bo's Mimi? From crying through nursing sessions, crying for no reason at all, trying to figure out why he's crying...well, you rescued me more than once. Bo's a lucky little boy. I know he'll love Mimi's house.
  7. Because who would have taught me to be a mother? See #6.
  8. Because who would have taught me about Jesus? Thanks for making sure we were at Sunday school on Sundays (and Wednesdays) and reiterating (over and over and over) to find a Christian mate.
  9. Because who would keep me and my siblings close? You always update us on one another and create opportunities for us to spend time with each other. Kudos to you.
  10. Because WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU? I have no idea and I don't want to find out.

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