Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Bo, One day you can go on a boys' weekend...

...but this weekend you stayed with the girls!

Daddy went fishing with his cousins, and Mimi came to visit so we could go to Beth Moore's So Long Insecurity Simulcast. Pop was missing his boy so he came on Friday to see you. You were a good boy at dinner and went down easily that night. However, the middle of the night was not your strongest night by far. I think you just wanted to snuggle with Mimi...

You played with Meka on Saturday while we went to Beth Moore (which was great); then we went shopping for several hours. You had such a good day! And you slept wonderfully that night, too.

Sunday was a bit of a rough day for you (3 meltdowns), but that's okay. Your good days outnumber your bad days by far now. I think you're teething, and it's just no fun.

You are such fun right now...laughing, smiling, and "talking" all the time. You love to play with your hands, and it's so cute! I only managed to get one picture of the watching cartoons on Daddy's side of the bed Sunday morning. You love TV and zone out when it's on; I don't like it one bit (reminds me of your daddy)!



  1. Ah--Mindi he is sooooo cute!!!! Glad that you had a good weekend---glad to hear that Beth Moore telecast was good--I saw that book the other day--I almost bought it-- I did a study last year on Esther she has--I was great:)

  2. wow i can't wait to get my hands on that little fellow in june. already a tv watcher, he is his mimi's grandson!!!!! give him kisses and tell him his aunt lori loves and misses him!!!