Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear Mammaw, Happy 11th Anniversary...

You've now been in Heaven for eleven years (yesterday). Wasn't I just writing about 10 years not too long ago? You got Grandaddy back this year. Lucky you (hee, hee). Is he any less ornery up there??

I have to believe you gave this one sweet kisses before he was delivered to me:
I have an afghan I received as a baby gift; I must confess that I pretend you made it.

Mother has told me stories of how much time she spent with you when Lori and Derek were babies; I totally understand why now. Babies are a lot of work! I think you are amazing for raising four and grandmothering thirteen!

We bounce on the edge of the bed with Bo to calm him like you did with Lori when she was a baby. We call it "bouncy bed". Bo loves it, and I love it that I use a "trick" passed down from you...

For Christmas I got all of the nieces that are in school stationery, and we're exchanging letters. It reminds me of when you and I exchanged letters when I was younger (all of the way through college!). I get such a kick out of their letters. It pleases me that I'm sharing with them something you shared with me...

I still miss you. We all do.


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