Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Bo, Another long weekend...

Boy, could we get used to a 4 day work week!  We're so blessed to get 3 in a row (Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and we're taking off next Friday for the Cotton Bowl)!

I was a bad picture taker this weekend...

On Thursday night, we had our weekly Family Date Night.  We've been off our sushi kick so we've been having date night at El Tejavan lately.  You love their rice and beans, but Thursday night I ordered you their soft chicken taco, and you went to town!  That may be your new thing there!

Friday was a productive day for Daddy and me.  We put up all the Christmas stuff, organized the attic, and cleared out the breakfast area to create a play area for you.  This was mostly while you napped, of course, because you preferred that we play with you while you were awake (this was our preference, too!).  There was plenty of playing to be done.

There was time in your car...

And reading time with Daddy...
But I love that you are trying to look around the book to see the TV (which is basically what your daddy does to me anytime I try to talk to him when the TV is on!)...
Friday night we repeated our Christmas Eve dinner for New Year's Eve...delicious filets.  We had some yummy asparagus and potatoes, too.  You loved this meal!  Then we put you down and rang in the New Year at home (except we fell asleep before midnight).  Exciting times at our house.

Saturday we went to the ranch.  Daddy and Pop hunted while you played inside.  You were busy, busy.  You crawled everywhere with two balls in your hands, made funny faces, did a strange kicking thing with your legs while you laid on the floor, and were just an all around ham!

Sunday we went to church in Roaring Springs (where you were busy, busy again) and you took a nap before we headed home.

A great 3 day weekend and start to a new year!


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  1. Fun weekend we didn't make it to midnight either!ha glad to hear Bo is a meat n potatos boy!