Monday, January 17, 2011

Dear Bo, January weekend review (an Aggie game with Claire)...

After being on the road last weekend, we enjoyed a weekend at home!

Friday night was family date night with dinner out (we're switching it up and enjoying Mexican food lately) and a trip to the grocery store.

Then Saturday we had friends over for the Aggie basketball game against Missouri (great game!).  The precious Claire came over and strutted her stuff.  She's a walking and a talking (both of which you aren't doing), but you focused on your strengths and charmed her anyway (by showing her how great you are with a sippy cup and what a good "big people food" eater you are).  You showed her some other mad skills as well...
You both looked at some books (so studious!)...
 It almost looks like you're ignoring her here, but you were being a good listener.

 Bo: "I know it looks like I have a lot of cool toys in here, but this blue basket is really where it's at."
Claire: "Love it.  Watch me stick my hand in it." 
 Claire: "Oh, look.  This blue ring matches it."  (so smart)
 Bo: "You're gonna think this is funny.  Watch me put this basket on my head."

Claire:  "Let me help you."
 Claire:  "Does it hurt if I push down on it?"
Claire:  "Are you okay under there?"
 Claire giggling into her hand:  "Oh, this is hilarious."

You and Claire played hard so you took a good, long nap when she left.  Then it was time for a wagon ride!

You were so busy trying to stand up in your wagon that you ended up on Daddy's shoulders...


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  1. Don't know why I'm just now getting around to reading this, but I am. Super cute pics... Yep, that's about how the day went! How can two babies be so cute!!!????