Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dear Bo, We went to the Cotton Bowl, but you got the better deal...

We had such plans for the weekend! 

We went to the Cole's house on Thursday night.  You slept upstairs in the playroom, and you really thought it was time to play from 3-4am.  You were just talking away (but not crying thank goodness), and everyone on our part of the house heard you!

On Friday, Daddy and I headed to the Brown's in Highland Village while you stayed at the Cole's with Mimi and Brody.  You went to the Archer County Stock Show that evening with the Cole crew and Mimi and Pop while Daddy and I went to the Cotton Bowl with Aunt Collyn and Uncle Chase. 

Oh, the Cotton Bowl.  The highlights were:

Seeing the 3 guys in the SAME jacket (nerds!)...

 March in!!!
Little Big Town nailing the National Anthem...
"Sawing Varsity's horns off" the first half...
Seeing the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band...
Watching the 75th Cotton Bowl from a suite!
The "not so much highlights" were...the last part of the first half, ALL of the second half, and the FINAL score!  :-(

On Saturday, the boys played at the house while the gals went shopping then we all watched the OU v. A&M basketball game.  We were more than ready to shut the door on football and jump on the basketball bandwagon!  Meanwhile, you were being carted to Bri and Kam's basketball games.  You only see three people day in and day out and really only leave the house for Friday night date night and church so you had quite the action packed weekend!

We met the Coles at the livestock sale Saturday night, and you were busy, BUSY!  Since Bri was later in the sale, Daddy took you and Brody back to the house while the Coles and I stayed at the sale.  The girls and I had fun, and after a LONG wait, the sale was over!

Sunday we enjoyed church, lunch, then were on our way home.  Such a fun weekend (and another 3 day one at that)!

Coles---we love you and thank you SO MUCH for lovin' on our boy while we had some fun!



  1. Anytime!!!!! You know I love him as my own and would do anything for you and for him for that matter. Love you sis!!

  2. Ah....bet Bo n those two cute girls n little man had a blast!!! Looks like y'all had a good time at cotton bowl---looks like way more people there than at tech game ---FUN!!!