Monday, March 26, 2012

Dear Bo, A weekend working around the house...\

On Friday you went to Parents' Night Out  at church.  You love it there!  They always tell us how much you run and giggle while you're there.  We're so grateful that you're so easy going in that regard.  While you played, we had friends over for dinner.  They were still at the house when we picked you up, and our friend kept playing with your play cowboy hat (that you got at Brooks' first birthday!).  So on Saturday, you decided that you would wear it most of the morning!

We're having house guests next weekend, and our guest room and Sister's room are a wreck so I worked on those.  It was lots of sorting through years worth of things.  Sister's room did go from this:

To this, however:

I'm going to redo the current guest room and make it a combo office/guest room so I wanted to get one last pic of that room.

This was my furniture from about junior high on, and used to be the bedding on our bed when we first married.  Now that almost 12 years have passed, I don't feel so bad about getting rid of the bedding and changing things up.  I found myself saying that a lot this weekend so I got rid of a lot of things.  I even found a candle that I got for a wedding gift that had never been burned!  One thing I finally got rid of was my wedding last pic:

While I was working on the rooms, you were hard at "work" outside.  You were obsessed with getting your truck to balance on the bird bath!

You also had a some fun in your tee pee...


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