Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dear Bo, Your big boy bed...

We moved you into a big boy bed this weekend.  You first napped in it on Saturday, and you did so great.  I could not imagine how we'd keep you in bed for nap time without you getting up to play with the toys in your room (we just put a twin box spring and mattress on the floor with no bed rail), but it wasn't an issue.  We decided to let you sleep in it that night, too, and you went down without issue and stayed in bed all night.  We were amazed...and a little cocky.  But don't worry, you humbled us.

Since that first night, you've been all over the board.  The second night, you went down easily, but you got up several times in the middle of the night, and we had to walk you back to your room.  The third night, you stayed in your bed all night, but you decided you'd challenge us with getting up at bedtime.  And every morning since the first, you've decided to get up at 4:30am or 4:45 and not go back to sleep (or at least not go back until 6:45 or so).  Instead of letting you get in bed with us, we've taken you back to your room and laid with you on those early mornings.  You will stay in bed and mostly even be still, but you will not go back to sleep.  This morning I went to wake Daddy so he could go to work, and he was snoozing, but you were just laying by him quietly.  I surely hope this will work itself out, and you'll get back to a wake time that's after 6am sooner rather than later.

All in all, to be five nights into it, you are doing really great.  Your naps have shortened some, but we don't have an issue with you staying in your bed until you fall asleep.  And bedtime is going so much more smoothly than I thought it would.  If we could get your wake time back on track, we could call it a success.

I can't believe you no longer have a crib in your room.  I can't bear to take your bedding out of the crib yet; I love it so and am in denial that you're turning into such a big boy.

So proud of you and this new milestone!


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