Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear Bo, Favorite things at (almost) 15 months...

{Pulling objects out and putting them back (shape sorter, blocks, Fisher price rings, nesting cups)...}
{Your cozy coupe car (getting in and out, in and out)...}
{Cartoons (the Cat in the Hat, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Chuggington)...}
{Pulling out and putting back anything in the kitchen (pots and pans, pyrex, cup towels, strainers)...}
{Carrying around balls and throwing them down...}

Sitting down and looking through books on your own,
Playing with your Little People farm set,
Picking on Scout,
Throwing down food from the table,
Splashing really big in the bath,
Playing and squealing on the couch.


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