Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear Bo, Weekend #3 of hittin' the road...

You guessed it, another road trip to the farm!  Momma had a CLE in Lubbock all day on Friday so we headed that way Thursday night so Mimi could keep you while Momma went to class.  I think you catnapped on the way to the farm so you were not interested in going to bed Thursday night.  Mimi stayed up with you until you were sleepy, and you finally went to bed at 11pm. were up again at 1:30am.  I'm sure it's because you were sick.  You were up from 1:30-5:30am.  Whew...felt like the old days when your tiny infant body just would not let you sleep!

{Tearing up one of Pop's horse magazines}
On Saturday we made a quick road trip to Wichita Falls to see cousin Bri play some hoops.  She had a hot hand so we really got to see her perform!  You were more interested in staying in Pop's arms than in watching the game...

We headed back to our house on Saturday night.  You were happy to play with Daddy and ride in your car most of the night...

On Sunday we were back at our church for the first time in a couple of weeks, and Ms. Willie had missed you!  We played the rest of the day and enjoyed being at home.


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