Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Bo, You're 15 months old...

Here's what you're up to:
  • You are 30.5 inches long (25-50%), weigh 24 pounds, 9.5 ounces (50%), and your head circumference is 18.75 inches (50-75%).
  • You wear 18 month tops and one pieces and 12 month bottoms.  You wear a size 4 diaper and size 3 shoe (but you're just about to grow out of them).
  • You have two teeth that just cut through so you're up to six teeth.
  • You're really filling out more and looking more like a toddler than a baby.  It makes me simultaneously proud and sad.
  • You say Da-Da and Daddy (over and over again).  When I try to get you to say Momma, you look at me and smile and say Da-Da.  You say a cross between TeeTee and GiGi for Mimi.  You say BahBah for Momma.  You say Buh for Bo.  On Friday night you said cookie twice. 
  • You're a steady walker and rarely crawl at all now. 
  • This next week you're moving into a big boy car seat! 
  • You drink somewhere between 16-20 ounces of milk (4 sippy cups).  And great're on your last box of hemp milk!  This month I slowly started introducing dairy, and you've done great so I've been progressively introducing more.  We started with string cheese, then full dairy yogurt, then whole milk.  I've mixed it in an ounce at a time so it's been a slow process, but by the end of the week, you'll be on full strength whole milk.  I am so glad MSPI is in the rear view mirror!
  • You've gotten a little more selective about eating this month, and you've become obsessed with throwing your food on the ground.  This makes Scout happy, and Momma and Daddy mad.  Generally you like oatmeal, fruit, nutrigrain bars, yogurt, eggs, and sausage for breakfast.  Your favorite meats are turkey and chicken.  You like sweet potatoes, edamame, black beans, mashed potatoes, avocadoes, tomatoes.  You love fruit (all kinds).  You like graham crackers, ritz crackers, mini Nilla wafers, and corn pops.
  • Your schedule is still going strong except you've been having a tough time at bedtime for about a week and a half.  You get up around 7:30, have milk and breakfast, go down for a nap at 10 or 10:30 for about 2 hours.  Have milk and lunch when you wake.  Go down for your afternoon nap around 3:30 and sleep about 2 hours.  Have milk and dinner when you wake up.  Then have a bath and bed around 8pm.
  • Getting you to sleep at night has been a chore lately!  You cry and cry when we put you down.  We have to go back in several times, and it's taking you from 20 minutes to an hour to go to sleep.  I hope this season passes soon; I hate that you're having such difficulty falling asleep.
  • You are busy, busy.  These are your favorite things this month.  
  • You have a big smile and bigger giggle.  You use both a lot.
We love you, Pooka!

{One Year Ago: 3 months}
 {Today:  15 months}

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