Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dear Bo, Sleep isn't a friend lately...

We've really gotten spoiled with your good sleep habits.  It's been so long since you've fussed when we put you down for naps or put you down at night, and it's been even longer since you've routinely gotten up in the middle of the night, but ever since last Thursday night, sleeping has been a challenge.  I'm guessing it's because you haven't felt good and you're cutting teeth.  You insist on falling asleep in our arms (which is precious, and I'm not complaining), but then you wake up and cry once we try to put you in your crib.  Monday morning you were up at 4am.  We couldn't get you back to sleep so we just got up, made some coffee, and turned on some Mickey Mouse.  That did the trick.  Mickey put both of us back to sleep...

If I've learned anything these past 14 months it's that things change pretty often with you so maybe your sleeping will be back on track before we know it!


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