Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dear Bo, Popsicles for my sick baby...

I usually don't sleep with a baby monitor on (gasp!).  But recently I have been.  I heard a whimpering last Wednesday after church at about 3am.  I couldn't figure out what it was...I thought it was the dog.  But then I realized it was from the monitor.  I went in and put and my hand on your back, and you were burning up!  I got you out of bed (with your ruddy cheeks), and your temperature was 103.3...the highest temp this momma has seen.  I called for Daddy, and he got meds and ran a cool bath, and we got you in there and tried to cool you off.  Your temp dropped a couple of degrees, and you were slamming the Gatorade and water.  We were up for the rest of the night, until I took you to the doc in the morning. She said you had a virus that caused blisters in your throat and high fever and to keep you hydrated. 

We all know that sick=popsicles so we let you try one out.  You weren't that sure about them.  In fact, you seem apprehensive to take a bite out of anything now (for fear it will be too cold???)...

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