Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dear Bo, Your first awards ceremony...

You have loved ADGC, and you have improved so much since you started.  Your favorite part is when Miss Lynn (the teacher) sings a song at the beginning and end of class.  You just gape at her and smile.  You like getting on the trampoline, but actually jumping eludes you.  You like running across it and staring at the big basketball goal high above. 
You really enjoy climbing up the wall and climbing up the "wrong way" on the slide. 

 You also like climbing into the chute and just sitting (it leads to a slide, but you haven't made it that far). 
But your very favorite thing...is playing with the basketball goal and balls (of course).

Thursday night was awards night, and each "student" received a skill award.  You were not shy, and when Miss Lynn called your name, you climbed on the podium to get your ribbon.
We're taking June and July off, but I know you'll enjoy it again when you start back in the fall!

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