Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dear Bo, Weekend review (Idalou for Momma's women's retreat...)

I was terrible at pictures this weekend, but it was a fun weekend!

On Friday, in lieu of date night, we went to a friend's house (who has a son named Beau!) for dinner.  We grilled and ate outside while you and Beau stuck your hands in the dog's water, jumped each time the dog barked, and tried to get into anything you weren't supposed to.  A good time was had by all!

On Saturday, we all got up early and drove to Idalou so I could go to the women's retreat at church.  You played with your cousins until lunch time when Daddy picked you up for lunch and nap time.  That evening, Mimi and Pop treated us to a date night (and you, too!).

We got up Sunday morning and headed to our church, then had lunch, and you went down for a long nap.  When you got up, you played in the pool until supper.  You love the water!  (And we love watching you play in it!)


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