Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dear Bo, You're 23 months old...

Yep.  My heart just sank writing that.  23 months.  Just one more month before I have a 2 year old.
  • Again, no idea with the stats.  You're wearing 24 month everything (though the pants are too long and have to be folded over at the waist).  You wear a size 6 shoe and a size 4 diaper.
  • You're rockin' the same schedule as last month.  You are worn out when you get home from school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and sleep for several hours afterwards.  Your week generally looks like this:  M-speech at the house, T-school, W-gym class, R-school, F-go to Discovery Center or play time at the library.
  • You got one of your eye teeth last month which explains all the sleepless nights and diaper rash.  You've been pretty good in the sleep department this month though (except for last night!).
  • You are so much fun these days.  You have hilarious facial expressions.  You cut your eyes very slowly and then grin so big.  You've gotten into teasing that way.  You also think it's super funny to flail around when we're trying to change your diaper, to run away as fast as you can (which is pretty fast) when we try to change your clothes, and to take off when we're about to start our bedtime routine.
  • Your crib has slats at the top on the foot board piece, and you love to put your leg through it when you wake up in the mornings.  We usually know you're up when you start fussing because your leg is stuck.
  • Same words as last month, with the addition of "ah-dee".  We don't know what this means, but you use it with multiple inflections, and you usually ask it as a question, like you're quizzing us on shapes, animal sounds, etc. (like we quiz you).  You are relentless with it, too.  If we don't answer, you say "ah-dee?" and point and ask over and over until we answer.  You say "no" to everything, but not the abrupt, defiant, toddler "no" (though you can pull that off, too; trust me), but a sweet slow, "naohhh".  In your world, "no" means yes, maybe, thank you, and sometimes even "no". 
  • You're still into throwing things in the trash and taking things out of drawers/cabinets/any receptacle really and putting them back in.  You're not afraid to clap for yourself when you're all done either.
  • You are into singing and motions.  Your favorites?  Wheels on the Bus, The Itsy Bitsy Spider, Heads-Shoulders-Knees-And-Toes.
  • You love you some puzzles.  Your very favorites are this one and this one.  You can do them in no time flat.
  • After trying to convince you to sign "all done" forever, you've decided this is the month to get it going.  What in the world?
  • You are a true boy.  You love to laugh at bodilyy functions...sneezing, tooting, and burping crack you up.  You think it's funny to stick a finger in your nose and just look at us until we move your hand, and you just laugh and laugh.
  • You heart goldfish and cinnamon cheerios.  Oh, how you heart them.
  • And oh, how we heart you.  You're the best, little man. 
{Now-October 2011}
{Then-October 2010}
{And just for fun-October 2009}


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