Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, Another disappointing Aggie game...

Yep, another weekend away (that makes 5 in a row).  This time we went to DFW for the A&M v. Arkansas game. 

I was wondering if I would go at all.  Bo had a tummy bug and terrible diaper rash from it.  He was miserable, and I was worried about leaving him, but he ended up doing great all weekend.  We left late on Friday and flew to Dallas.  We stayed with our old friends and had a great time.  Sure, it was the same story as last week, with a stellar first half and roll over second half, but we caught up with friends, enjoyed the game from a suite at Jerry World, and were able to get back home on Sunday morning at a decent time.  Just right.  We were reunited with our boy (who stayed at the farm) and all was well.

{At least the band "won" the halftime show}



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