Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear Bo, Your first Halloween party...

Your school Halloween party was on Thursday.  You wore your costume to school and trick or treated that morning.  Then your "party" was that afternoon.

{Handsome pirate}

The parents signed up to bring items for the party, and I signed up for party favors.  I had so much fun making them Wednesday night!  I stole ideas from Pinterest again, and loved how everything turned out...

{Overboard?  Yes.  Overcompensating for working mommy guilt?  Absolutely.}

{Jack-o-lantern goldfish}|
-inspired by ghosts above-
{Play-doh witches}
-inspired by these-
The "party" consisted of the 6 of you having juice boxes, goldfish, and cookies in your costumes.  You were all fussy because you were woken up early from your naps for the party.  You were still precious though.


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  1. Cutest pirate I have ever loved!!!!!! Typical parties for us when kids were that age too! Fussy!!!! Your favors were so cute!