Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear Bo, You love gym...

You're attending ADGC again this fall, but you're going with the nanny on Wednesday mornings instead of with us in the evenings.  It gives you and her something to do instead of being cooped up at the house and saves us from rushing around like maniacs to eat dinner and get there on time.  The downside is that we haven't gotten to see you progress.

They have an "open gym" one Saturday a month, and we went this Saturday to let you strut your stuff.  Or shall I say "run-on-your-tippy-toes-your stuff"?  Some things haven't changed; you're still obsessed with the balls in the gym.
You still love the slide.
But now...you're a lot more adventurous.  There's a big wall that you can climb up (with stairs or a rope).
At the top is a tunnel to the other side of the gym where you slide down a steep slide and crash into soft pads at the bottom.
You. Loved. This.  That's actually an understatement.  You had a one track mind once you figured out how to climb up and across the tunnel.  You had to have repeated this 50 times.  When you got to the top, you giggled in anticipation, then you grinned the whole way down.
Your favorite was crashing into the soft pads though.  You just laughed and laughed.
Occasionally, your little feet slowed you down at the bottom of the slide, and you didn't crash as dramatically as you wanted so you'd just thrash around and giggle, trying to recreate it.

You had the cutest little cheerleader.
Claire-Bear was there.  She was reluctant to join you on the slide, but she'd sweetly say from the bottom, "Go, Bo!" 
You were so sweaty (and your hair got so curly when it was sweaty) and pooped afterwards.
Our strategy was to wear you out so you'd take a good nap so we could watch the Aggie game.  Our plan succeeded; too bad A&M didn't hold up their end of the bargain with a W (again...).


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