Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dear Memory Bank, Bo's Second Bday party (Part I of II)...

Some day my boy will ask for a cartoon character bday party, or some sports theme.  And out of sheer smitteness for him (is that a word?), I will honor his request.  But for now...it's all Momma.  And Momma loves fall.  Therefore, Momma is hitting the fall party theme pretty hard until forced not to.

Last year?  "Our pumpkin is turning one".  This year?  "Our turkey is turning two".  Next year?  No, I'm not telling you, but yes, I do already know.  Surely, he won't have a strong preference I can't override at 3...

The invitations?   A customized version of this from here.

The food?  Ideas almost purely from Pinterest.


{Cupcakes-the cupcake kits from Meri Meri are adorable!}

{Crackers in craft paper cones}
{Dipped Pretzels}

{Drinks served in turkey cups}

The craft?  An adaptation of this.  Because I knew I wouldn't have time to trace and cut out the turkey shape I decided upon, I found a silhouette online, enlarged it with a copy machine, cut out the center and laid it over the dried fingerpainted pages.  Turned out so cute.

The game?  I wanted to do a pumpkin relay (in light of Bo's obsession with pumpkin hauling) and a pumpkin balloon pop.  But, it was crazy windy so we abandoned the pumpkin relay, and I was crazy-lazy so we abandoned the balloon pop.  But...we did have a turkey hunt, and it was a success.  We hid a stuffed turkey and had the kids "hunt for it".  We gobbled when they were close and were silent when they weren't (similar to "hot/cold").  They had a ball.  In fact, I think it's a new Thanksgiving tradition now.

The bday outfit?  A gobble, gobble shirt made by our talented Aunt Jen.

Mother helped me make all the treats, and I'm so grateful!  To be continued....guests and loot tomorrow!


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  1. Everything is SO cute! You are such a good planner/organizer! And so creative!

    If you weren't an attorney, I'd say you'd be a great wedding/party planner!!!