Thursday, November 3, 2011

Dear Bo, We need to talk...

You looked cute tough; I'll give you that.
It wasn't cool how you ran in front of her all night while she daintily walked with her treat bag.  I realize you wanted to show her how fast you could run, but it's ladies first, son.
I'll admit it; I was thrown off when you were messing with the party decorations and giving her an incentive to do the same.  But then I caught on that you were trying to pull off a bad boy vibe.  Nice touch.
Showing off your duck catching skills and catching three when you only needed one for a prize?  Epic.

My favorite was you watching her get her bounce house and cheer skills on.  She struck a pose, and you watched attentively.  Nice.  Ladies like attention.

I'm not going to lie though; you fumbled at the end of the game.  We staged some hand holding for pictures, and you looked nothing less than dazed and confused.  I'm going to chalk it up to you being shy and intimidated by her darlingness.

 It got worse though.  You cut your eyes at your hands.

 And then I couldn't stop what happened next.  You pulled your hand away.
 You ducked your tail.  And you ran away.  Not cool.

Very nice recovery giving her a sweet peck good-bye though; I only wish I could have caught it on camera.

You've really got your work cut out for you.  She's a doll.  Just remember, that no matter how many times you fumble in this big old game of life, we'll always be rooting for you.


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