Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dear Bo, Pumpkin Farm 2011...

You are not sleeping so hot lately (eye teeth? something else? who knows?).  We were pooped on Sunday and contemplated not getting out, but I am so glad we did.  It was gorgeous out.  We went to Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm. You had so much fun (and so did we)!

We saw the animals.
Rode the cow train.
Played in the corn box.
Saw "how tall this fall" you are.
Rode the red train.
Sat on the tractor.

Took a "scarecrow" pic.
Went through the obstacle course.
Went down the mountain slides (no surprise---your favorites!!).

And the magic carpet ride.
Went on a wagon trail ride.

Took a hayride.
Played in the pumpkin patch.
And then...we went home and rested.  We were all pooped!
I'm looking forward to this becoming an annual tradition...

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  1. adorable had tears in my eyes Precious memories Mimi