Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Reader, Firm Halloween party...

I hosted the firm Halloween party at the house this year.  I was dreading it since it was scheduled right after the big exam, but since I didn't take it and was a little down and out, the party gave me something to obsess over and turned into a nice distraction.  I was told folks would come over and decorate so I just came up with the desserts and staged the tables. 

I got so many ideas from Pinterest.  I don't pin, but I do enjoy looking at everyone's else's pins.  I made the following from ideas I saw there:

{Eyeball oreo truffles}
-oreo truffle recipe here , red sprinkles, colored M&M, and chocolate icing dot in center-
{Witch cupcakes}
-the best cupcakes I've ever tasted: cupcake here and frosting here-
I have never attended a firm Halloween party so I was a little naive and thought it would be cutesy (or at least tasteful) Halloween decorations, but it turns out, it's more gory, scary decorations.  Like this:
I used two card table sets I had for seating on our patio, and I needed some tablecloths for them, but I didn't want to spend very much money, and I don't sew, so I "made do".  I was pleased with how they turned out.  My card tables are standard sized so I got a perfect square of 45" width fabric and tied it back with orange ribbon.  Since it was gathered on the edges, you couldn't even tell that the edges weren't hemmed...voila!
We had a lot of good costumes.  The One and I aren't exactly costume people so we took easy street and were Jim and Pam from the Office (which consisted of him wearing khakis and a button down with a loose fitted tie and his hair combed forward messily, and me wearing gray pants, a maternity shirt, and my hair pulled back at the side, and both of us wearing Dunder Mifflin nametags.  Lazy, I know, but when you host the party, you earn the right to be a little lax in the costume department.

Some of the better costumes:
{Charlie Sheen and one of his Goddesses}
 {Witch and pirate}
{Bride and Groom}
{Pimp and his Girl}
{Steve Jobs and his iPhone}


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  1. U did a great job like always sis!